Student Testimonies

Student Testimonies

Throughout the training it was so good to hear important missions are. I really appreciated the group of staff members that were always there to listen to you when you needed to let something off your shoulders. With the hard and intense training we were ready to set out on this trip to reach people for Christ. 


One of my best conversations was with these three teenage girls. They all had the idea that God was boring but I have the privilege of showing them His truth. We told them things about a life with Christ and about a relationship with Him...things they never knew before. The more we shared about our experience with God the more excited they got. So two of the girls prayed with us to rededicate their lives to Christ and the other girl who previously doubted [the existence of] God prayed to accept Him into her life for the first time.


JG ...played a huge role in my spiritual growth. Before JG, I was afraid to share my faith. I remember my first JG outreach in Peru. Almost everyone spoke Spanish. I was nervous about sharing, and using a translator. I prayed and asked God to lead me to talk to someone who spoke English. I went to speak to a man who was playing guitar. After introducing myself to him using a translator, he told me he spoke English! I talked with him for what seemed like hours! God used me to lead him to Jesus! It boosted my confidence and now sharing my faith to me is a privilege, and excites me! To this day, I still keep in contact with the first person I ever led to Christ, praying for him and encouraging him!


My time in Peru was just as much a spiritual journey for me personally as well as a time of sharing God's word to the people of Peru. The most surprising experience for me happened when I prayed with a lady to accept Jesus. [It was] incredible that she spoke only spanish and I spoke only english, but we had an entire conversation and understood each other despite talking in different languages! She told me all about how her husband just passed away and she was feeling so lonely and afraid. I explained to her about being complete in Jesus and how He will never leave. We were both crying by the end of the conversation and as we prayed she embraced me. I knew that Jesus was there. That showed me that God is bigger than even language, He can still be in control even when you have no idea what’s going on. Talking with that lady was all God working through me. It was amazing.


While in Peru, God gave me this sense of caring for people like I have never had before. I was challenged to take a step out of my comfort zone and not worry about my fear and lack of ability but to rely on God for strength. God will not ask you to do something that you aren’t capable of doing. He showed me he has great things for me.



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